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From Farm to Processor (and everything in between);

  • Supply management expertise at Cerco Ingredients Co. (A division of Cereal Byproducts Co.) begins with milk and extends to the marketing & logistics of milk solids, cheese, processed cheese, powders, and grains. Clients consulting with Cerco Ingredients Co. are able to manage fluctuations by taking advantage of the company’s over 90 year knowledge base.

  • Cerco Ingredients Co. is able to provide each customer recommendations from analyzing over 90 years of supply and demand history.

  • The Company provides its clients with a single source for obtaining a comprehensive selection of dairy and grain products from across the U.S.A. By dealing with Cerco Ingredients Co., clients receive a broader selection of product sources and the most competitive prices. In addition, Cerco Ingredients Co. handles the logistics of providing the product source closest to the buyer, speeding delivery and lowering transportation costs.

  • Capabilities to complete unique and specific requests make Cerco a leading Marketer.

  • Cerco Ingredients Co. is also able to fulfill customers’ needs for custom specifications that are critical to the quality of the final product. The unique needs of all customers are important and Cerco Ingredients Co. is prepared to handle even the most complex request. Beyond brokering commodity ingredients, the company is capable of constructing dairy product supplies for an end-user specification, such as delivering a certain volume to a food production plant or foodservice customer.

  • Expertise in product marketing helps producers maximize their return.

  • Dairy and grain products are successfully marketed through Cerco Ingredients Co. by combining in-house expertise in forecasting commodity and USDA Federal Order prices, producer field services, on farm quality inspection and logistics. Consistent follow-up by a dedicated, highly trained staff of industry professionals assures that each critical step in the distribution of products is completed, allowing the maximum return for the customer.

  • Trusted relationships with other dairy experts allow customers to balance inventories and minimize volatility.

  • For more than 90 years, Cerco Ingredients Co. has cultivated a comprehensive approach to balancing inventories of dairy and grain products for both the producers and end-users. Their experience with market trends, product sourcing, tracking & interpreting price fluctuations has established Cerco Ingredients Co. as the front-runner in domestic and global dairy marketing. Cerco Ingredients Co.’s traders are experts at balancing supply and demand. With over 90 years of established trust in the dairy and grain industry, we are able to address the needs of each type of supplier, cheese producers, food plant, foodservice, dairy powder and grain products processors and even other commodity brokers. These long-standing industry relationships allow Cerco Ingredients to cater to the individual supplier and customer’s total market needs whether it be balancing inventories, minimizing price volatility or simply discussing market strategies.

  • Unique ability to coordinate all agencies and companies needed in the logistics process.

  • Cerco Ingredients Co. is on the forefront of addressing the logistical challenges inherent in delivering dairy and grain products in a timely manner. Cerco creates solutions by working with related suppliers, retailers, distributors, freight forwarders, and trucking companies to orchestrate the smooth movement of dairy and grain products. Cerco Ingredients Co. is uniquely positioned to provide our trading partners with one-on-one personal service as a value-added benefit. Depend on Cerco Ingredients Co. for marketing, ingredient supply, and logistics.