This request is for business purposes only. All information contained herein will be held in strict confidence.


  • If credit limit requested is in excess of $100,000, please attach copy of your most recent annual financial statement. All information is kept confidential.



  • We acknowledge that all transactions that may arise due to this credit application are subject to: 1) The jurisdiction of the courts of Cook County, Illinois, and any dispute, other than a payment dispute which shall always be subject to court action in Cook County, Illinois, arising under contracts between the parties, after the date of this application, shall be settled by arbitration in Chicago, Illinois, upon demand of either party. The decision of the arbitrator shall be final and binding on both parties and may be enforced in the appropriate courts. 2) Fuel surcharges and freight increases are for the account of the buyer unless otherwise specified in the contract. 3) A service charge of 1.25{d51a5dd66af767b7445baf935fda2a8884c786faa167872dabdf3fac94b09cea} per month (or legal rate) on invoices not paid according to terms. 4) Buyer paying all costs of collection or attempted collection, including reasonable attorney fees, incurred by or on behalf of Cereal Byproducts Company in connection with the collection or attempted collection of any and all past due invoices and any and all amounts due Cereal Byproducts Company. 5) The right of offset shall exist between the buyer and seller to cover past due invoices.

    As part of this application for credit, whether signed manually below or signed by electronic means, we grant permission to contact consumer credit reporting agencies, commercial credit reporting agencies, and any or all of the Trade and Bank references listed above, together with any other references which may be provided by these Trade and Bank references.


  • (I/We) the undersigned do hereby individually guarantee any and all indebtedness not accrued or that may hereafter accrue to Cereal Byproduts Company for the purchases made by (name filled in box A below) located at (address filled in box B below).

    The undersigned will personally pay all amounts not paid within the terms shown on each invoice promptly upon notification of default.

    This guaranty is binding upon the guarantors until release by Cereal Byproducts Company.


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